C8/1-C8/1B1 Pham Hung, Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District

(100m from Nguyen Van Linh intersection, head to Pham Hung Street)


08:00 am – 20:00 pm  (Monday – Saturday)

Lucnch is work nornally, free parking, car parking available

Nha khoa Kim - Phạm Hùng

It is not difficult to find a dental address in Binh Chanh district for dental treatment. But for good results, safe treatment, you should choose Kim Dental - Pham Hung and be appreciated for the quality of treatment. So what is the reliable address you should choose?

How to find the right dental address in Binh Chanh district with good quality?

For health care services, finding a reputable and good quality address will have a great meaning to the results of examination and treatment achieved. Therefore, the selection of dentistry in Binh Chanh district is of good quality that many people are wondering.

Advice to you if you want to choose the right address Kim Dental - Pham Hung  is good quality, please choose to address with a name, customers and patients previously treated positive assessment of quality quality, service.

Tìm địa chỉ phòng khám nha khoa ở quận 8 có chất lượng tốt? 1Peace of mind treatment at Kim Dental - Pham Hung with professional service quality

You should also go directly to the dentistry of Binh Chanh district, which I intend to choose to find out whether the dentist meets the following factors:

First, good dentistry, effective treatment will have to be a place with a team of good doctors, experienced and have successfully treated many previous customers.

 Secondly, the treatment process will require tools and machines, so dentistry will need to be well equipped with modern machinery and equipment, and apply advanced treatments.

Thirdly, the examination and treatment need to ensure safety and sterile devices, avoid cross-infection, infection.

Directly check, consulting and treating customers at Kim Dental - Pham Hung is a team of experienced, professional, well-trained and certified medical practitioners according to the law. . Besides, in order to improve skills, many doctors are also sent to train and train abroad. With many years of treatment experience, skilled and skillful workers, the doctors here will surely bring to the customers the best treatment results.






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