586A Luy Ban Bich, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCM City


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Kim Dental - 586A Luy Ban Bich, Tan Phu District


Kim Dental Clinic Tan Phu, located on Luy Ban Bich Street, is a trusted dental care destination. As a Vietnamese dental center certified with ISO 9001:2015 from the United Kingdom and ranked in the Top 50 by the Global Clinic Rating (GCR) USA for quality and reliability worldwide, Kim Dental has made significant strides in dental care. The clinic has received funding support from a Singapore government financial organization alongside four medical enterprises from Singapore, Australia, and China, earning the Asia Positive Impact Award based on criteria from the World Health Organization, the World Dental Federation, and the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

A Trusted and High-Quality Dental Address

Kim Dental Clinic Tan Phu on Luy Ban Bich Street boasts many highly skilled and experienced doctors who graduated from renowned medical schools both domestically and internationally. These professionals possess the necessary practice certificates as per the Ministry of Health's regulations. Many of these doctors have also been sent to study and exchange experiences at major hospitals worldwide, ensuring they have strong expertise and extensive knowledge.

Kim Dental – Tan Phu on Luy Ban Bich Street ensures a sterile clinic environment, maintained to the highest hygiene standards set by the Ministry of Health. Each customer is examined in a private dental room with a separate set of tools sterilized according to standards. This guarantees the highest and most thorough treatment results for customers.

The Mission of Affordable Dental Care

With the mission to improve the dental health of Vietnamese people every day at a reasonable cost, Kim Dental Tan Phu - Luy Ban Bich offers the best services to customers with affordable pricing and no additional costs during the treatment period. Furthermore, thanks to partnerships with insurance companies and banks in Vietnam, customers benefit from flexible and convenient payment methods.

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