Flexible payment at Kim Dental

Flexible payment at Kim Dental

Customers are modern young people, prefer to use the card conveniently and safely? At Kim Dental System, customers can pay easily through a compact operation, card on POS machine

Kim Dental has a full range of flexible and convenient payment methods for customers

In Vietnam, there are 15 banks issuing international branded cards. At the same time, domestic banks also issue their own ATM cards within the country. Most newly issued cards are available with POS payment function, etc.

Kim Dental's POS payment is safe and secure

Customers use POS machine to pay for services at Kim Dental. Simple, just need to manipulate light, card on the machine at the cashier is the customer will complete the payment process quickly.

Payment methods using POS at Kim Dental apply to the following cards:
  • Visa, MasterCard, JCB, UnionPay, Club / Discover Diner, Connect24, Amex Card, Domestic card.

  • Kim Dental applies a 10% preferential policy for cardholders of Sacombank, HSBC, OCB, Nam A, TP Bank, MSB, VIB banks. With VP Bank, Kim Dental offers 10 - 15% for cardholders (15% for Platinum cards).

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