Extraction of wisdom teeth underground – Safe, no pain, fast recovery

Extraction of wisdom teeth underground – Safe, no pain, fast recovery

Wisdom teeth are unremitting teeth that emerge from the gums that hide deep into the jaw, causing much discomfort and pain. Extraction of wisdom teeth without pain at Kim Dental with modern technology is considered as the optimal solution, quickly helps you to remove teeth in a gentle, safe and painless way.


Why does the doctor appoint wisdom teeth to grow underground?

Wisdom teeth are the third largest molars and usually grow when we are between 17 and 25 years old. Everyone has 4 wisdom teeth, including 2 lower jaws and 2 upper jaws. Because wisdom teeth grow at the jaw bone has stopped growing and developing, less affected by the daily eating process, so that the wisdom teeth grow underground, the deviation is understandable.

Wisdom teeth grow underground causing pain, affecting adjacent teeth

This condition not only causes pain, discomfort but also affects the jaw structure, dental health. So extracting wisdom teeth is the best way to protect your teeth.

When should wisdom teeth be extracted?

  • Wisdom teeth grow underground, grow out of shape, grow stab into the tooth No. 7
  • Wisdom teeth cause pain, inflammation and discomfort for a long time
  • Unusual wisdom shapes, small, deformed, cram food with adjacent teeth
  • Periodontal wisdom teeth, decay tooth
  • Assign to extract wisdom teeth when orthopedic, making dentures
  • Wisdom teeth make the jaw bone structure disproportionate
  • Between wisdom teeth and adjacent teeth, there is a slit of food which leads to cavities and inflammation

The process of safe wisdom tooth extraction at Kim Dental

At Kim Dental, wisdom tooth extraction is directly performed by experienced doctors, applying modern machines and applying standard procedures, ensuring medical standards with the following basic steps:


The dentist proceeds to extract wisdom teeth according to the right technique

Kim Dental - The leading prestigious wisdom tooth extraction address

Kim Dental is one of the first dental addresses in Vietnam to successfully apply the latest generation of wisdom tooth extraction technology now. With outstanding achievements in terms of expertise, facilities, professional service quality, advanced machinery and equipment etc.

Because of the harmful effects of wisdom teeth, which have a great impact on the health of patients, Kim Dental will surely make you satisfied when you perform wisdom teeth, quickly, safely and without pain.

 Kim Dental equipped with advanced machinery system, X - Ray Panorex machine, modern clinic etc. and used high quality anesthetic to help wisdom tooth extraction take place effectively, safely, accurately and lightly smooth, minimally invasive, fast recovery, no pain.

 The whole process of examination, counseling and implementation is by a team of experienced doctors, good professionals, practicing certificates, graduated molars domestic and international directly.

 Strictly adhere to sterile elements, by equipping sterilized nebulizer, central sterile room, absorbing color indicator tools. Each dental chair is a private room, each customer is a set of private compartments and kits, to avoid maximum cross-contamination.

Comply with the strict procedures of the Ministry of Health.

Wisdom teeth that deviate, grow underground need to be removed as soon as possible

In order for the extraction of wisdom teeth to grow safely, you should choose a reputable and quality dental and dental care address like Kim Dental has a team of excellent doctors, modern equipment and facilities full quality comfort to bring the highest treatment results.

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