304 Cong Hoa, W.13, Tan Binh District, HCMC

(At foot of Hoang Hoa Tham bridge)


08:00 am – 20:00 pm (Monday – Saturday)

08:00 am – 16:00 pm  (Sunday)

Lunch is work normally, free parking

Nha khoa Kim - Cộng Hòa

Do your family members want to take care of dental health but have not found a dental address in Tan Binh district? Kim Dental - Cong Hoa is the dental address that many people choose to perform dental techniques.



Kim Dental - Cong Hoa brings highly skilled, experienced doctors who graduated from famous medical schools at home and abroad, and have full practicing certificates as prescribed by the Ministry of Medical. In particular, many doctors have been sent to study - exchange experiences in major hospitals around the world, so are very professional and have extensive knowledge

Customers are always consulted in details and cared for and thoughtful

Kim Dental - Cong Hoa also ensures a sterile clinic, always the best hygiene according to the standards of the Ministry of Health. Each customer is visited in a separate dental room, has its own kits, is disinfected according to standards. Therefore, all treatments achieve the highest and most radical results for customers.

Especially, with the mission of providing dental care for Vietnamese people better every day with reasonable cost, Kim Dental always brings the best service to customers with affordable and non-issuing costs during treatment. In addition, thanks to the association with leading insurance companies and banks in Vietnam, customers will be supported with the most flexible and convenient payment methods.

With outstanding advantages is a team of good professional doctors; clean, modern clinic; Advanced medical equipment, Nha Khoa Kim fully implements dental techniques and services to meet the needs of dental care, cosmetic dentistry from simple to intensive of every customer at a cost most reasonable.




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